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Little Girl Found
5 September
Lost in Delirium
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Welcome, intrepid traveller.
You're in for a wild ride.

This is my place to be evil. >:D Here's where I get naughty, nasty, catty and raw, so from here on in you have been warned.

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Terror Alert Level

Comrades beware; if you aren't ready to see a darker, dirtier, rougher, much more deviant side of me, I ask you not to proceed. If you go beyond this point and get offended by the things you see, it's not my problem. Deal. This is a part of me, and if you put two and two together and find out who I really am but can't cope, it's your problem, not mine. I'm all too often so sweet and cute and nicety-nice. Not here. Just thought you ought to know. You have been warned. Incoming narstiness ahead.

But you know you'll like it. So read on. ;)

Note: If you want to know the other side of me, ask. I have another journal where I'm more.. gentle.. (my "normal" self), but I've come -here- to play & let myself just -Be.- What's a journal if it's full of self-sensoring, self-doubt, fear & restraint? It's about time I stopped worrying about others & their opinions, and let myself believe in my own thoughts, feelings, opinions. I have every right to mine, as you do yours.
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