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Me & My Shadow

*lol* Okay, who's surprised? I mean, really?? ;D

Little Girl Found


*lol* Okay, who's surprised? I mean, really?? ;D

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Princess Lea

Your result for Which Vampire the Masquerade Clan Are You?...

The Degenerate Artiste {Toreador}

6 Assamite, 3 Brujah, 11 Gangrel, 8 Malkavian, 2 Nosferatu, 19 Toreador, 5 Tremere, 10 Ventrue, 8 Lasombra, 6 Tzimisce, 5 Setites, 5 Giovanni and 11 Ravnos!

The Toreador are a clan of sensuality. Possessed of a supernatural artistic ability and a charm all their own, the vampires of clan Toreador are both envied and hated. They tend to range from deep and sensitive artistes to loud and extravagant extroverts. Toreadors see the depth in every action and the beauty in every move, to the point of utter entrancement. They find beauty in tragedy and tend to idealize their world. The suffering artist, the gallery gazelle and the utter indulgant are all common Toreador themes. Any of these could be you.

For you to be a Toreador means that you see beyond the mundane and glimpse something truly wonderous. You tend to feel misunderstood and sometimes alone as others don't seem to feel or see things as deeply as you do. The narrowminded will try to label you but you truly cannot be labeled. However, in the scheme of being undead you will find your passions will fade or become frustrating. Also, in the world of true survival you're no maverick. If the weight of a person were to be judged by the soul then you would be platinum, however and utterly unrivaled.

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Your result for Which Vampire the Masquerade Clan Are You?...

The Warlocks {Tremere}

The Tremere are a clan that thrives on arcane knowledge. As humans, they used this knowledge to become vampires. Now that they are vampires, they use their new found powers to create greater spells and to slowly turn the other clans to their mindset. The Tremere believe that the other clans are outdated and unequiped to handle the modern nights. The other clans think the Tremere are uninformed and idealistic. However, the Tremere know that they have to step carefully around the older vampires, as the old ones are more powerful and the fact that clan Tremere chose to steal vamprism does not make them many friends.

For you to be a Tremere means that you are an innovator. You look at the status quo and see what could be. Science and similar arts are your bread and butter. You wish to create the great De Lorean {time machine} or to pen the most powerful enchantment. You don't care much for artsy socialism or deep empathic relationships. You are a realist who doesn't have time for those who live in fantasy land. However, imagination is one of your greatest tools. Tremere, visionaries or thieves? You decide.

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  • not surprised in the least, love. i took it, too. i'll give you three shots at what i was... and the first two don't count. :)
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