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Me & My Shadow

Ah, a Good Morning Rant...

Little Girl Found


Ah, a Good Morning Rant...

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I'm likely taking this waaay too seriously.. but still, it's on my mind, so I thought I'd post it.

I just encouraged a friend to watch a show before I'd seen the entire thing. Bad idea. I was excited because it was a show called "Moving Up" on Discovery Home, featuring one family (amongst 3) who was all about fantasy/fairy/cottage/whimsical design. Well.. it was.. a bit of a disappointment... Why? Ooh, I'll tell ya why.

They totally only focus on 2 of the 3 families: A family of four and some blonde girl who's apparently got nothing better to do than complain about how filthy everyone else is, and spout wannabe elitest drivel. The blonde is a totally stuck up, bubble-headed bitch, and the host and she essentially make fun of the fantasy-oriented family the whole show. (Not that the woman of the couple makes that terribly hard to do, nor is her design sense terribly good- much less sophisticated...) But c'mon, they present the intro like the whole point of the show is to see how interesting it is that people are so different.. and about illustrating the idea of "to each his own..."  :P Right. Apparently it's more, "you don't like what we like, so not only do we think you're stupid, but we're also gonna scapegoat you for all KINDSA SHIT through the whole show.") ...Grr.

So.. meh. If you wanna check it out, by all means. I'd love to see what you think. It's an interesting concept for a show. But jeez... 

I dunno. Something about this show just really tweaked my nubbies. Maybe I'm just tired, or too wired because I don't know what's going on w/my job, expecting a call this morning and not knowing when I can/will have to be there.. trying to find an apt... Who knows? Maybe ahm just feelin' the need to stand up for mah fellow, freaky peeps. ;) Okay, so I may not dig every fantasy fan, Tolkienite and ren-rat out there, but it's kind of important to get GOOD exposure when we get put under the spotlight, ya know? (And appear in stuff that's so willing to enforce the common, shitty stereotypes and attitudes about us that so many people obviously already harbour.) :P:P Unfortunately, these people were very probably picked to be the subject of scorn and mockery for being true to who they are, having fun w/their lives, their decorating styles, and not staying inside the lines of what most people consider "accepted." They may not be everyone's cup of tea, but hell, we may be weird, but we're not HURTING anybody. And I can't say the same for miss Bimbette, over there, or the show, or the Famous Mister Doug.) I guess I just don't appreciate my crowd being made fun of.. EVEN MORE. ..Like we don't have enough of that problem already..!?!

Now to be fair, the "freaky" woman's taste is, even for most fantasy fans, way too childish and kitschy. It's got fantabulous elements, but her whole house is a little.. cartoony. But hey, whatever creams her twinkie, right?? Not like we have to live in it. It's got a lot of fun stuff and neat ideas in it, even if some of the stuff she does is just not terribly appropriate for adult living. (Hell, I bet there're lots of people out there who wish they could do a lot of the things she did on the show, so..) I liked their old place... It had a cool cottage-y feel to it, and wasn't TOTALLY overboard. The new house (allowing them to start from scratch was apparently a bad idea) was -way- overdone.. and not done too terribly well.. (childlike murals everywhere, awkward arches in places that looked like bad videogame graphics, oddly divided rooms)... But again.. at least they had some imagination instead of gong for the nearest carbon copy of what some dumb cow somewhere else and now -thinks- is fashionable.

..Something about the fantasy-fanatic woman reminds me of a person I know, too.. and frankly, not in a good way. But hey, does that mean we should put people we don't entirely dig on national television to make fun of 'em?? Fine, if they agree to a spot where they know they're gonna be spoofed, that's cool. But if they go on a programme thinking they're on a design show and get pointed and scoffed at 'cause their tastes are different, that doesn't strike me as right.  Somebody junking up the neighborhood and causing local or in-house health hazzards because they're being consciously negligent or absurdly pack-rattish is one thing.  Putting someone on national TV to make fun of their pink flamingos and giving them a better yard, again, is different.  Constantly dissing a whole family and making not-so-suble accusations about how they were a filthy mess and intentionally tried to screw someone is a whole other story.  But again, that's just to me.

Moreover?  I never liked the guy who's hosting, (Doug? He's from Trading Spaces; the dude that always did the super-funky modern shit w/o remembering a FAMILY actually has to LIVE in his designs...) So, hmm.. I guess it's not too surprising to see him make fun of other people on national TV, then...  (After all, he did it on TS, why should he hold back on his own show?)  What's worse, the stupid bitch who bought the odd couple's house even had the gaul to take a ton of her gramma's money to redo the house, then shove the poor woman and her big, old, lovely furniture into a teensy, tiiiny room that her granny can barely walk through.  (Using her gramma's age and desire to downsize from having her own big house as an excuse.)  O.O!! (<--outrage)

Ooh, and apparently the "freaky" peoples' house was way old, and when the blonde bitch bought it, she found out it had termites, dead shit in the walls, which in turn invited maggots. (Apparently there was no smell from these, which would have alerted both her and the family who lived there originally... Which is funny, 'cause the fantasy fan people move into a new house that gets a dead squirrel in its walls, and it stinks up the whole place.. so.. take that as you will.) But anyway... While yes, finding all that nasty shit in your house is fucking gross, the show continually focused on how nutty the "strange" family was, and how gross and broken down their old house had been, while completely glossing over the facts that the bimbo (who keeps posing in all her shots- even wears a club-appropriate coctail dress in the first few shots w/her tits hanging out), A; didn't get the place inspected BEFORE she bought the place, and B, the couple before her had NO idea the house had ANY of that shit- except for an old rat problem, which they'd taken care of when they fist moved in. (The ho found the burrows. No rats, just burrows, and thus automatically accused the couple of still having rats.. of course.)

And of course, they concentrate blame for -everything- wrong w/the old house onto the "weirdo" couple for everything. Crooked angles in a house that was built way before the couple was even there, for Pete's sake. They focus again and again on how grossed out and pissed off Barbie is at the original family, and encourage the older couple who comes into their old house- the fantasy couple's new one- to diss the place too. Oy. And if that's not bad enough, the show (and the host, when dealing with the blonde woman), tried to make it look like the fan-couple -intentionally- tried to swindle the bitch!! -Even though when presented w/evidence of all the stuff that'd gone wrong, the couple was utterly mortified. (Yeah, they could have faked it, but the people obviously loved their kids and tried to keep a decent home. Why would they let their kids live in a place where they KNEW mice, rats, maggots/flies, and dead things were, much less do -nothing- about it???) I mean, the proof was kind of in the pudding of for this ep., as far as these peoples' personalities went... You could tell the demeanor of the people in the openings, but they showed their truest colors when coming into each others' homes. When the fan-couple came into the bimbo's place they didn't diss her space at all, just saying it wasn't their style at the worst. But when she was moving into their space?? All she could DO was be ugly, insulting and scoffing at everything in sight- let alone complaining about how filthy and dirty these people were. ...

I'm not sure why this show has struck such a chord w/me...  I guess it just pisses me off to see a creative, supposedly open-minded and hip network so easily bashing other peoples' styles so openly, when half the time THEY DO some of the stuff the family they're scapegoating did.  (..Much less when the point was not to redo/remake anything, just to show person x w/x kind of style in comparison w/family x and their kind of style.. you know??)  I feel like they shouldn't call it "Moving Up." They need to title the thing "Let's Make Fun of the Weirdos" and be done with it. :-\

..I wonder what that "weirdo" family is gonna think when they actually SEE the show. They might be good-natured enough to laugh it off. That'd be good, and is probably likely. But personally, I hope they sue for defamation of character and slander. (For all of the insinuations that they intentionally did not disclose the house's flaws, when they -supposedly- KNEW it was infested w/this, that and the other.)

Weyell.. guess you don't exactly need to see the show anymore.. huh? *blushes* Meh, ga head if ya want. It'd be an interesting topic of discussion. See, -I- LOVE to study the differences in people.. W/O going on a snarky diss-fest if peoples' thoughts &/or opinions happen to differ from mine... ;)

Cheers, y'all. :)  ..I think I'm gonna make a quick pass through the net to see if anything actually came of that show...  Maybe they did sue or something.. ;)
Ta ta!!
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